I currently work in-house at the American Journal of Preventive Medicine (AJPM), where I manage the journal’s social media channels and website; handle parts of the production and review processes; and coordinate special initiatives. I also have experience managing the peer review process and formatting/copyediting manuscripts, tables, and references. I am also the founding Managing Editor of AJPM Focus, an all-open access companion journal to AJPM that I helped launch in January 2022.

I have also done Korean romanization checks for four books in the Perspectives on Contemporary Korea series from Michigan Press to ensure adherence to McCune-Reischauer romanization.

On a freelance basis, I have copyedited numerous manuscripts, particularly in the fields of history and East Asian studies.


When I’m not doing editorial work, I’m often writing. My writing in the mystery genre earned me a Helen McCloy/MWA Scholarship for Mystery Writing ($500). I am currently working on a children’s picture book.


I studied journalism and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages as an undergraduate and received an MA with honors in comparative education from the Institute of Education, a unit of University College London. I adapted my master’s thesis for publication in the Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development. I also spent two years in the graduate Applied Linguistics and Culture Contents program at Korea University.

Having spent eight years teaching English in South Korea, I am particularly adept at working with speakers of English as a second language. My time in South Korea included a stint at Korea Military Academy, South Korea’s equivalent of West Point, where I edited entrance exams and white papers in addition to teaching duties and was ringer on my department’s swim team.

I live in Houston, Texas, with my husband and our son.