I currently work in-house at the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, where I manage the journal’s social media channels and website; format accepted manuscripts; copyedit references, tables, and appendix material; and coordinate special initiatives. I also have experience managing the peer review process and production process.

I have also done Korean romanization checks for four books in the Perspectives on Contemporary Korea series from Michigan Press to ensure adherence to McCune-Reischauer romanization.

On a freelance basis, I have copyedited numerous manuscripts, particularly in the fields of history and East Asian studies.

I’m founder and co-host of Hanmadi Korean Linguistics, a podcast about Korean linguistics.


I studied journalism and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages as an undergraduate and received an MA with honors in comparative education from the Institute of Education, a unit of University College London. I adapted my master’s thesis for publication in the Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development. I also spent two years in the graduate Applied Linguistics and Culture Contents program at Korea University.

Having spent eight years teaching English in South Korea, I am particularly adept at working with speakers of English as a second language. My time in South Korea included a stint at Korea Military Academy, South Korea’s equivalent of West Point, where I edited entrance exams and white papers in addition to teaching duties and was ringer on my department’s swim team.

I live in Houston, Texas, with my husband and our son.