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Job Market Materials – Editing & Advice

Going on the academic job market for the first (or second, or third) time? Trust me, I’m familiar with the grind. I’ve helped edit the job market materials for scholars who have gone on to get assistant professorship offers from institutions such as Rice University, Rutgers University, and other R1 schools as well as more teaching-focused institutions, in addition to making it to the job talk (or equivalent) stage at Cornell, Kenyon, and the Harvard Society of Fellows.

Your university might offer a writing center for edits, and that might be fine for cleaning up grammar or formatting mistakes in your job market materials. But there’s a lot they probably won’t catch: that sentence in the third paragraph of your cover letter that screams “grad student” when it should shout “colleague,” teaching statements that seem innocuous to you but may offend the committee, an opportunity you haven’t taken in the research statement to make your project really pop with a visceral image that will convey the importance of your work and make you stick in the reader’s mind.

My Job Market Materials package comes with the following, as well as a $50-back guarantee should you not receive any job offer or postdoc by the end of April in your application cycle year. (Yes, I’m basically betting on your success!)

  • One initial “global” edit of your Cover Letter, Teaching Statement, Research Statement & CV
  • Two follow-up tailored edits for specific institutions/applications
  • Notes with suggestions/advice on your overall angle as well as specific suggestions on things to highlight or de-emphasize in your application
  • The $50-back guarantee!
  • Me rooting for you all job application season! Not something you’d pay for, of course, but it can’t hurt.

The cost of this package is $250. If you want to know more about this package or start working with me, please get in touch.

Twitter: @saramcadorykim